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Garden year: To Do’s in April

written by Samen Maier on 22. April 2016
in Garden year, April

APRIL – Sowing


From now on you can start on CUCUMBERS and PUMPKINS. ZUCCHINIS can now be pre-sown or starting mid-May directly outdoors.

And red and white cabbage, chard and salad should be started in pots or bowls on the windowsill.

Peppers can be planted into the bed at the end of April, provided that the temperatures are right, and you may need to protect the warmth-loving plants from the cold night temperatures with a fleece.

Peas can be placed directly outdoors. If necessary, cover with fleece to protect the seeds from birds.

Radishes can be planted outdoors on a weekly basis. They grow quickly and can be eaten as early as the end of May.

Cauliflower, broccoli and white cabbage can be sown outdoors at the end of the month.

Eggplant plants that have already been brought forward can be moved outdoors at the end of the month.


From the beginning of April dill, savory, parsley, lovage, coriander and chervil can be sown in the garden.


Sunflowers can be placed directly at their destination in the garden, on the balcony or terrace.

The beneficial willow can also be sown starting in April. The flower meadow attracts butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects – the flowers provide the insects with a variety of food until autumn.

It is exciting to watch the growing process until the first seed sprouts and the first green stem can be seen. The best way to do this is to pollinate the cultivation daily with water from a spray bottle. This keeps the substrate moist, but does not tempt you to “drown” the plant. After the seed has sprouted, remove any covers and continue to care for it in a sunny spot.

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