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Garden year: To Do’s in October

written by Samen Maier on 10. October 2016
in Garden year, October

Gardening in October

In October the garden year comes to an end. But even now some things in the garden still have to be done and prepared for the coming year. October is used intensively to make the garden winterproof, so that plants can survive the cold season without damage.

Set flower bulbs and bulbs!

Autumn is the ideal time for planting. If you want to enjoy colorful accents in the garden in spring, you should now plant bulbous flowers. Bulbous flowers, ornamental shrubs and perennials still form roots before the onset of winter and get used to the location. They also benefit from the winter rest.

In addition: Whoever plants the early blossoming plants now, will start the next garden season early and colorful. Regarding the soil requirements most tubers and bulbs are quite adaptable, as long as the underground is sufficiently permeable. Stagnant moisture must be avoided in every case, so that the plants don’t rot.

Do not water dahlias anymore!

From October onwards, dahlias are no longer watered so that the tubers are stimulated to store water and mature better.

After the first frost, the parts of the plant above ground die. The tubers then remain in the ground for about a week, the reason being again better ripening. At the latest in mid-November, however, the dahlias should be dug up for wintering.


Soil improvement, harvesting, store: In October there is still a lot going on in the vegetable garden. But it is worth it, because there is nothing better than delicious vegetables from your own garden!

Sowing Asian salads

Asian salads can still be sown in October.

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