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written by Samen Maier on 8. July 2016
in Bees and beneficials

The work of the collecting bees is not easy: The insects fly to about 3 to 5 million flowers to collect three kilograms of nectar, which after the refining process results in one kilogram of honey. The amount that a bee brings home from a collection flight is small, because its honey stomach is hardly larger than the head of a pin, and it would have to pump it 60 times from the flowers and empty it again to fill a thimble. The droplet of nectar offered by each flower is much smaller, and the collector must fly to the 1000 to 1500 individual clover flowers to fill her stomach once.
(from: Karl von Frisch: From the Life of the Bees, Springer-Verlag 1953)

Therefore it is important to us that bees find enough food. With the cultivation of a beneficial willow, you provide the bees with flowers that they can fly to.
The colorful mixture organic beneficial meadowgrass consists of annual and perennial plants that provide pollen and nectar to bees, bumblebees and butterflies throughout the insect season.

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