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GOOD PLANT NEIGHBOURS – Who next to whom?

written by Samen Maier on 29. April 2016
in Gardentips

In the garden bed there are several varieties that benefit from each other when you put them together in a bed. Here we list some that are well combined:

Carrots and Dill
Dill seeds accelerate the germination of the carrot when sprinkled into the carrot row!

Carrots and Onions
Carrots and onions do each other a favor: The onions keep the carrot-fly away from the carrots while the carrots keep the onion-fly away from the onions.

Tomatoes and Salad
Flat and deep rooters, which complement each other well. They supply each other with minerals and trace elements.

Basil and tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage
Basil is a grateful bed neighbor. It reduces mildew.

Basil und Zucchini
The Italian colleagues also have an important cooperation. Basil attracts insects with its aromatic smell, which pollinate the yellow zucchini flowers.

Bush Beans and Cucumbers
The beans produce nitrogen in the soil, which the cucumbers immediately absorb.

Oregano, Mint and Thyme
They fend off many voracious pests when used to border a bed.

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