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Athletic field grass seed 10kg- for rigorous use


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  • durable
  • impact resistant

High quality cultivation guarantees a lush green athletic field, extreme durability, and the ability to withstand dry spells.

Contents: sufficient for ~350 m2

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Sow from April to October when temperatures are above 8°C and the air is still. Broadcast by hand onto fine soil or use a spreader. Spread 30-50g of seed per square meter depending on the type of soil and the intensity of the athletic activity. Gently rake the seeds into the soil – the grass seed should only be slightly covered by soil. Tamp down very lightly with a shovel. Soil should be kept moist through germination in order to prevent seedlings from drying out. Save water by sowing just prior to a rain shower. Attention: too much water will flood the new seeds out.


What’s special about our Kraft Paket grass seed for athletic fields and pitches?

  • impact resistant – for extreme resilience
  • very rugged – for a durable pitch
  • very dense – holds up well during dry spells