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Organic AUSTRIA Intercrop Mixture 10 kg


Together with the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture, we’ve comprised the BIO Austria Catch Crop mixture. Improve soil conditions while growing fodder for feed; and of course, all mixture components are sourced from organic farming.

Grow green forage and silage with the BIO AUSTRIA Catch Crop mixture. Its specially selected components support future crops, while roots and biomass contribute to soil organisms and microorganisms.

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  • Seedfast ORGANIC seeds and garden products sustainably and fairly produced
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Contents: 10 kg
Sow: 30-40 kg/ha
Egyptian clover-ryegrass mix with vetch as forage (once wilted, well suited as silage).
40 % organic vetch
30 % organic annual ryegrass
20 % organic Egyptian clover
10 % organic buckwheat


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