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Organic lady’s mantle (certified local) – Alchemilla vulgaris agg.


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Organic POTTED wild flowers


Sow: March – November
Height: 15 – 30 cm
Blossoms: yellowish-green
Bloom: June – August
Location: partially shaded  / moderately damp, nutrient-rich soil


A bit about wild flowers:

In order to preserve biodiversity, we’ve set up a wild flower program aimed at rediscovering native wild strains which benefit soil, water, flora and fauna.

Monoculture and the use of harmful chemicals have largely replaced the natural variety of flowering meadows, pristine stream banks and harmonious forest edges. The loss of such biodiverse habitats is largely responsible for the dramatic decline of species. Bees and butterflies are finding ever fewer wild flowers and native shrubs, exhausting their food sources and natural nesting sites.

However, native wild plants attract birds, bees, butterflies and many other animals as they are ideally adapted to their respective region and to the climate.

Find out more about certified local wild plants and seeds at REWISA (German)

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Sowing/Planting time

march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november

Harvest/Blossoming time

june, july, august


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Organic lady’s mantle (certified local) – Alchemilla vulgaris agg.