Früh aufsteher regenerative grass seed – more green in less time


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Contents: 1 kg

sufficient for ~40 m2


Sow: April-October

At a temperature of: above 8°C

Tired of bare patches? Overseeding with our “early riser” mixture provides dense, green lawn cover in only a few weeks, making it difficult for moss and weeds to settle in.

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Sow from April to October when temperatures are above 8°C and the air is still. Broadcast by hand onto fine soil or use a spreader. Press the grass seed lightly. Soil should be kept moist through germination in order to prevent seedlings from drying out. Save water by sowing just prior to a rain shower.



What’s special about our regenerative grass seed?


  • germinates quickly – covering bare patches in a jiffy
  • no digging or raking – restores the suface of your lawn
  • regenerates – say goodbye to brown spots and bare patches

By the way – our packaging is made from grass!

Grass paperboard is an environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging. This rapidly renewable raw material can be processed without the use of chemicals and consumes significantly less energy and water.