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Grass paper notebook


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66 pages made of grass paper

Size: 220 x 165 mm

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A 66-page notebook made completely from grass paper.

The pages of this grass paper notebook have a distinctive smell and feel, while being environmentally friendly.

Whether used for planning your garden or as a recipe book, this bound notebook is ideally suited for the task.


The environmental benefits of grass paper are revolutionary. Grass is a fast-growing renewable resource, and chemical-free grass paper maintains a high ecobalance. Compared to conventional paper production, the production of grass paper reduces CO₂ emissions by about 75%. While the production of conventional paper consumes 6,000 liters of water per ton of wood pulp, only 1 liter of water per ton of grass pulp is necessary for the production of grass paper. Grass paper is an excellent alternative packaging material which saves a massive amount of energy (about 150 kW/h per ton of grass fiber compared to ~6,000 kW/h per ton of wood pulp). Retail paper products contain 50% grass paper.


In short: The benefits of incorporating fresh fiber material from sun-dried grass are two-fold – a massive reduction in the amount of water used in the production as well as a decrease in CO₂ emissions.


The advantages of grass paper

  • 99% reduction in water consumption
  • 80% energy saved during production
  • chemical-free
  • 75% reduction in CO₂ emissions in the manufacturing process