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Green Gold – organic fertilizer


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GREEN GOLD is an organic fertilizer consisting of 8 components

Completely free of toxins or harmful substances that could pollute groundwater and negatively impact beneficial insects.


BENEFITS to minerals:

• promotes healthy soil

• increased rate of growth

• reduces water consumption

• healthier and more resistant plants

• better quality fruits and vegetables

• increased yields through improved absorption of soil nutrients

• no damage to ground water

• acts as a water and nutrient buffer


BENEFITS to microorganisms:

• improved root growth

• increased activity among soil life

• keeps soil warm

• increases plant resilience

• keeps pests away

• improved nutrient availability leads to better crops

• increased yields


GREEN GOLD treats foliage with a spray:

The first application should be made once the plant has 3-5 leaves. Use a spray bottle which creates a mist, and apply directly to the leaves.

Further application in 7-10 day intervals using the same dosage (3-5 applications depending on the plant). GREEN GOLD may be used with other brands of fertilizer, although unnessary due to GREEN GOLD’s high quality composition.

Spray GREEN GOLD just after dawn when skies are relatively clear, as this is the time when leaves are most receptive.

Avoid spraying just before it rains, or when the sun is at its strongest!