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Organic Giant squash Uchiki Kuri (Hokkaido)

Cucurbita maxima


(Hokkaido) fruits weigh 1.5 kg

Sow: April in pots; mid-May/June in the garden

Harvest: July – October

Contents: sufficient for about 5 plants

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At harvest, fruits can weigh 1.5kg. Squash grow particularly well on the compost heap. Pre-cultivation in pots is preferable to direct seeding.

After germination, make sure access to light is not hindered. Squash prefer loose, humus-rich, warm soil in a sunny, protected area. They need lots of water and warmth (consider using black plastic mulch).

Sow 2-3 seeds per 9 cm pot or per plot. Only leave the strongest plants. Harvest once a diameter of 10-12 cm has been reached.


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april, may, june


july, august, september, october


Cucurbita maxima


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Organic Giant squash Uchiki Kuri (Hokkaido)

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