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Organic Onion and Garlic Sets

written by Samen Maier on 1. September 2016
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Onion Sets

Onions are an absolute staple for any and every garden.

Plant the first onions between March and April. There are also special winter onions that are planted in late August and harvested in spring. Harvest beginning in June.


Plant in light, permeable, deep garden soil. It is imperative to ensure that weed growth is kept to an absolute minimum. In competiton with weeds, onions are very weak, and should, therefore, be given every possible advantage.

Cultivation instructions: Place onions in the soil with the shoots facing upright. Soil should be free of weeds! Lightly cover with earth. Space the onions out leaving ca. 10 cm (6 in) between them. Keep 15 cm (8 in) spacing between rows.


Depending on the variety, onions may be harvested in August and September, or in June and July.

Recognizing a ripe onion is not difficult. Once a third of the foliage has turned yellow or brown, or has died, the onion may be harvested.

For ideal results, harvest while the weather is still good, otherwise your onions run the risk of rotting. Once harvested, leave onions lay on their bed of soil in order to dry and develop a shelf-life. This process may take up to ten days, after which the onions should be removed from the garden. Continue drying the onions, turning at regular intervals. Be sure to store in an absolutely dry and well ventilated location.


Because the bulb is essential to so many dishes, it’s definitely worth planting garlic in your garden or on your balcony.

fresh garlic on wooden surface

Garlic cultivation is not difficult. Plant garlic in a warm and sunny spot in the garden, and be sure to loosen the soil. Wet and heavy soil should be avoided!

Garlic may be planted in autumn or spring; September thru October is ideal as conditions are just right for good root formation, and the garlic can begin sprouting in the spring, producing larger bulbs.

Cultivation instructions: For each clove of garlic, a small garden shovel is used to dig a hole five centimeters deep into the soil. The individual cloves are then placed in the hole with the tip pointing upright. Leave 15 centimeters (6 in) of space between cloves. Leave 20 cm (8 in) of space between rows.

Young green garlic grows in the garden.


The leaves and stems change color toward the end of June, and may be harvested in July/August once the upper third of the garlic has withered. Lightly pull the bulbs from the soil by their leaves, brush them off, and let them dry. It is best to hang the garlic to dry in a shady place for a few days.

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