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Sustainable shipping boxes from grass cardboard

written by Samen Maier on 25. January 2021
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Shipping green

We open new dimensions

Starting in 2021, we will pack your order in environmentally friendly and sustainable shipping boxes made from green cardboard.

A real eye-catcher:

Do you already know our garden friends? They are inside the box and provide a real unboxing surprise moment.

Box in 3 formats:

Grass shipping boxes do not come in just one format. Depending on the size of your order, the most ideal box for you will be selected.

Sustainable advantages of grass paper

The ecological advantages of grass paper are revolutionary. The rapidly renewable raw material grass is used. In addition to dispensing with chemicals, grass paper also has a very good ecological balance sheet. Compared to classic paper, around 75 percent of CO₂ emissions are saved in the production of the raw material for grass paper. In addition, only 1 liter of water is required per ton of grass pulp – as opposed to 6,000 liters per ton for wood pulp. Massive energy savings (about 150 kW/h per ton of grass pulp compared to up to about 6,000 kW/h per ton of wood pulp) also make grass paper an excellent packaging alternative. In use, the grass paper has a share of 50%.

In summary: A massive reduction in process water and CO2 emissions through the incorporation of a virgin fiber material made from sun-dried grass are the decisive advantages of grass paper.

Per ton of grass fiber pulp, 99% of water and 80% of energy are saved during production. Likewise, no process chemicals are used in production and a 75% lower CO2 emission than in the production of paper from wood.

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