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GIFT IDEAS – Solar Jar

written by Samen Maier on 9. May 2016
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Social commitment is important to us. And we like beautiful products.

During the day it stores solar energy…

Green high-tech technology packed in a nostalgic preserving jar. This is the solar jar®.

The principle of this solar jar is simple and almost ingenious: the solar jar® stores energy during the day, which it then releases again at night in the form of light. This method of generating light is sustainable, represents a simple way of living in an environmentally conscious manner and is simply fun.

The solar jar® is equipped with LED lights that are charged by solar cells in the lid. When you place it in the sun, the LED batteries are charged and then provide soft, yet bright and non-dazzling light for many hours.

The solar jar® is ideal as a garden lamp, for the romantically laid table, barbecues, camping, decoration, outdoor dining… simply for all outdoor activities where you want to create a cosy, idyllic evening atmosphere after sunset.

03 Die leuchtstarken LEDs beleuchten einen Weg im Garten

…in the night it glows.

In the evening or at night you can switch on the solar jar® with the magnetic bracket switch. The four solar-powered LED lights produce a beautiful, bright light. So bright that you can read well.

The special: Design your solar jar® inside according to your wishes: Fruits, sand, dried flowers, shells, pebbles… There are almost no limits to your imagination.

to the product

05 Sechs Sonnenglaeser laden in der Holzkiste

We have taken a look behind the scenes of solar jar and can assure you that this is a great project in South Africa. Read more about it:

Social responsibility

The idea of the solar jar (Consol SolarJar™) has been connected with the people who make it from the very beginning. It is therefore a matter of course for us that the solar jar is consistently produced in a socially sustainable manner. After all, it should not only capture and reflect the sunlight, but also bring something to those who work for it.

Since 2011, the solar jar has been manufactured by hand by the Suntoy company in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg, where it has already created over 60 jobs in production. The glass is supplied by Consol, a large glass company from Johannesburg.

At Suntoy, the previously unqualified workers from the townships are trained in questions of photovoltaics and thus receive a professional qualification. We care about our employees; they are the ones who make the beautiful solar jar possible. Suntoy is guided by the principles of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which for us means responsible corporate action and sustainable development of the company. As a team, we have consciously opted for the Common Shared Value catalog of values and thus a fair corporate culture. For this reason, the men and women are paid above the standard rate, receive insurance and are entitled to a pension.


And that is not all.

Fair payment alone is not everything. It is our concern to do something good in the long run.

For example, the European sales department for the solar jar/Consol SolarJar™ has set up a fund that currently finances one hour per day during working hours to provide further training for employees in mathematics and English and prepare them for graduation from a school. We are convinced that education helps everyone. In this way, the solar jar can also shine a light into a better future for the people from the townships. In addition, there are now seven babies of solar jar employees whose education is also to be supported by the fund in the long term.

Your interest is awakened? And you already have an idea what to fill it with? Here you can find the solar jar in our online store!

23 Drei Sonnenglaeser an einer Leine

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