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Organic wool fleece 500g roll


GOTS certified

size: ~190 x 150 cm

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Sheep wool has a number of properties beneficial to our organic gardens. This fleece is made from 100% natural, domestic sheep wool, from certified organic livestock, and may be used to protect against frost, weeds, snails; to help retain moisture, and as an organic long-term fertilizer. This organic sheep wool fleece is free from additives or chemicals, and is a natural and versatile garden aid.

This fleece can easily be cut to the desired size, is very durable and reusable.


Protection from frost:
Sheep wool has natural insulating properties while being breathable. Wrap our organic sheep wool fleece around the plant/planter to prevent the root bale from freezing while also keeping the plant warm and protected. Or wrap it around the trunk/branches in order to prevent cracking. This method even works with sensitive standard tree trunks. Our organic sheep wool fleece is also well suited to cover potted plants.

Protection from weeds:
Place our organic sheep wool fleece beneath the substrate, beneath gravel or under mulch to prevent weed growth. Or lay it out like a mat directly onto the soil bed, cutting holes crosswise for the vegetation. This process provides several benefits:

  • keeps out weeds
  • warms the soil, promoting growth
  • keeps snails at bay
  • breathable/permeable

Protects against snails:
Lay a fleece strip around the soil bed/plants and firmly attach it in the desired location. Snails tend to avoid crawling over fibrous material.

Long-term fertilizer:
In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of our organic sheep wool fleece, sheep wool is generally an excellent, natural, long-term fertilizer. Wool fleece releases nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium thus ensuring healthy soil.



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