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In our shop you will find organic vegetable seeds and flower seeds, organic flower bulbs,
organic lawn seeds and organic wild flowers. We deliver Europe-wide without shipping costs!

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54 Years

Family Business

Samen Maier

Our environment & us

We set a clear signal for environmental protection by opting for a careful handling of nature and its resources. As a company with 30 employees, we were awarded the title of Climate Alliance company in 2008. Learn more about us here!

Samen Maier


Johannes Huber

Managing director

“Seeds are our history and our future

Sustainability is our conviction

Diversity is our inspiration”

Wildflower package for 2-3 m2

Organic product of the year

We are pleased to be awarded the Organic Product of the Year 20/21.

Our organic wildflower package includes 24 select organic wildflower varieties, as well as an organic flower seed mix.

The carefully selected varieties are enough for 2-3 m2 and provide a variety of beneficial insects.


Native wild perennials make an important contribution to bees, bumblebees, butterflies… Due to the intensive use of agricultural land, many species that were originally abundant in the meadows and roadsides are being pushed back. And this has not only visual, but much more serious consequences than most people realize, because beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies also find fewer food sources. More of our Organic Wildflowers

Samen Maier

Bio Austria


Samen Maier und BIO Austria haben in enger Zusammenarbeit Samenmischungen für die
Bio-Landwirtschaft und für Hausgärten in 100% Bio-Qualität entwickelt.
Sie sind optimal zusammengesetzt für Insekten, Geflügel, Wiederkäuer und den Boden.

Samen Maier

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