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Great summer heat: how to help your plants through the hot summer

Jumping into the water, enjoying an ice cream or making yourself comfortable in the shade […]

Children in the garden

I don’t want to go out! Television and computer games have too strong a pull. […]

A real feel good bed

With the right preparation it’ll work Brightly colored flowers and lush growing vegetables are – […]

Planning the Vegetable Bed

Successful harvest around the year Outside, it’s a roller coaster of frosty and warm days, […]

Sustainable shipping boxes from grass cardboard

Shipping green Starting in 2021, we will pack your order in environmentally friendly and sustainable […]

Protection from frost and cold

A warm coat for your winter vegetables The temperatures are dropping and you’re freezing every […]

Seeds Maier’s wildflower package organic product of the year 2020/21

Award from Bio-Austria, BIORAMA and Messe Wieselburg We are happy about the award “Organic Product […]

Filling the raised bed:
this is how you proceed

Most raised beds are built in the spring. This can be quite stressful, because you […]

Gardener’s gold: valuable and easy to do yourself

Gold in the garden? To do yourself?Don’t worry, you haven’t landed on a site for […]

Wild perennials in the garden: planning and creating a colorful shrub bed

Would you like a colorful, lushly flowering garden?But the never-ending care of flower beds is […]

Delicious roots for cold days

In autumn the days get shorter and the nights cooler – maybe you have already […]

A visit to Biohof Schreiber – our organic seed gardener

Steinebrunn lies in the northeastern corner of Austria – just before the Czech border. Here […]

Green manure: Health for the soil

In Organic agriculture it is a fixed component, not yet very common in the home […]

Winter vegetables: grow in September – harvest in winter

Summer is entering its final stage. When you harvest the last tomatoes, peppers and zucchini, […]

Colorful flowers for the farmers’ garden

Do you love them too, the idyllic, colorful and lushly blooming farmers’ gardens? Does the […]

Cabbage and Co: these little animals love to eat it

The buffet is properly covered. Delicate, tasty appetizers alternate with light main courses. Suddenly a […]

How to set up a wildflower plot

First a video – known from “Kraut und Rüben”: Prepare a plot with an area […]

Samen Maiers Wild Blossoms for 2-3 m²

Local wild perennials are important for and contribute to the welfare of bumblebees and butterflies […]

Organic Lawn

Organic Lawn Seed Purzelbaum Our organic grass somersaults and grass pacemakers are a mixture with […]

Why Organic Flower Bulbs?

Support of a dynamic ecosystem, Healthy food for bees and butterflies, Suitable for the garden […]

Summer salad – light food for hot days

The best meal on a hot summer day: a salad – fresh from the garden. […]

Your feel-good garden for beneficial insects

Beneficial insects are the most important helpers in the organic garden. They pollinate fruit trees […]

Cultivation time June/July – there is still a lot to do

The tomatoes are planted, the first lettuce has been harvested and zucchini and cucumbers delight […]

The best locations for herbs

There is room for herbs everywhere. In the garden, on the terrace, in the kitchen […]

Wild Flowers – why they belong in every garden

We see our wildflower project, which we were able to implement together with the Ottenberg […]

Green packaging – Sustainable packaging with grass paper

Green Packaging In 2019, we switched to an environmentally friendly and sustainable grass paper solution […]

Gift ideas for Christmas

Are you still looking for a Christmas present for your garden friends? We have some […]

Lawn maintenance in autumn

Who doesn’t know it? After a dry summer, a few bare and brown spots have […]

Flower bulbs and bulbs/plant garlic

Planting bulbs To enjoy colorful tulips, daffodils, crocus, ornamental garlic and many more in spring […]

NEW: Organic wild flowers

We see our wildflower program, which we were able to realize together with the Biobaumschule […]

Garden year: To Do’s in June

June is harvest time – water and enjoy! In June the vegetable garden is full […]

Garden year: To Do’s in May

Finally out into the open. Just in time for Pankratius, Servatius, Bonifatius & Co. it […]

Biodiversity Day on May 25

Save the date: Biodiversity Day takes place on May 25th at our premises in Taiskirchen! […]

Flower bulbs and bulbs for the spring

Back in the spring assortment: flower bulbs, vegetable bulbs and bulbs for the spring. Also […]

Gardening in March

Here we go: In March nature awakes from hibernation. The first beds in the vegetable […]

Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Are you still looking for a Christmas present for garden friends? We have some ideas […]

Planting perennials in autumn

A colorful all year round garden bed of perennials – the dream of every gardener. […]

Tomato processing – homemade tomato sauce

Who feels exactly the same in August/September: The tomatoes are all ripe at the same […]

Harvesting herbs

July/August is herb harvest time Anyone who has a herb garden at home knows that […]

Herb labels for download (to print yourself)

Many herbs have reached the peak of their development in July/beginning of August and are […]