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Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

written by Samen Maier on 21. April 2017
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Every year children, husbands or life partners want to thank all mothers and this already since the 20th century.

Mother’s Day has established itself as a holiday in honor of mothers and motherhood, and so May 14 is the occasion to thank the mothers.

Gift idea Beet-Box:

The box “Thank you mom” contains 5 organic vegetables and herbs and is the perfect way to say THANK YOU on Mother’s Day.

All varieties can be sown in May (and later) and fit in every garden. Sowing in pots on terrace or balcony is also possible.

The box contains: radish ‘Blue Autumn and Winter’, carrots ‘Gniff’, lemon basil, dragon’s head (Turkish balm), lettuce ‘Roter Butterhäuptel’, garden annual calendar, wooden sticks for lettering, balancing act.

Example Beet-Box contents

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