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Everything new in February

written by Samen Maier on 25. November 2015
in Garden year, February, Gardentips

Everything new at the beginning of the year!

Web presence including online store

Not only is our work with organic seeds, flower bulbs and lawns a constant process, we are also constantly working on the design.

Our homepage therefore appears in a new design to better present our diverse contents. Also our online store is now presented more clearly.

Social Media

Additionally, you can now find Samen Maier on Facebook, where news, tips and trends about organic flower and vegetable seeds, flower bulb and lawn themes are reported.

New varieties in our organic seed collection

For spring 2016 there are many new flower and vegetable varieties for the organic garden. Besides new tomato varieties from our Austrian propagators, there are also some herb seeds such as Lovage and coriander.

Organic flower bulbs

Our comprehensive organic product range will be extended by a whole range of products. In addition to organic flower seeds, you will now also find all flower bulbs exclusively in organic quality. You can read about the advantages this offers to the customer here: Information organic flower bulbs. Gladioli, dahlias and many other spring flower bulbs are now also safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Organic lawn seeds

For a natural garden, the new organic regeneration lawn is suitable as an organic lawn mixture to improve the lawn surface.

The use of this organic lawn thus contributes to the development of the biological, healthy landscape and puts less strain on our natural resources.

In any case it is worthwhile to visit us from time to time to stay up to date.

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