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Why Organic Flower Bulbs?

written by Samen Maier on 18. August 2020
in Flower bulbs

Support of a dynamic ecosystem, Healthy food for bees and butterflies, Suitable for the garden and kitchen garden, No use of neonicotinoids, No chemical pesticides, No mineral fertilizer

BIO offers much more

Higher resistance to disease than conventional bulbs,
Long flowering, Solid flowers, Thick skin, Natural colors

Bright colours for the spring

Just in time for autumn, it is planting time for bulbous flowers again. They guarantee joyful colors and rich blossoming for the garden, balcony and terrace in the coming spring and thus beautify the garden already in early spring or spring.

Plant bulbs correctly

There is a basic rule: the larger the bulb, the deeper it must be planted. You plant at least twice as deep as the bulbs are thick. Then the bulbs are placed so that the tip or shoot side is facing upwards. Then fill the soil over them again. The same applies to the distance between the bulbs: leave about eight centimetres between large bulbs and tubers and at least two to five centimetres between smaller ones. Once planted, bulbous flowers do not require much work.


Already from the end of February we can enjoy snowdrops, winterlings and early crocuses – finally they are here, the harbingers of spring. They are already the first food for bees.

From March onwards, the spring flowers appear: garden crocuses, daffodils, tulips, blue stars, hyacinths, grape hyacinths,…

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