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written by Samen Maier on 18. May 2016
in Gardentips, Herbs

There is room for herbs everywhere. In the garden, on the terrace, in the kitchen on the windowsill, on the balcony. A flower box on the balcony railing and various pots can be used to create a herb garden even on the balcony.

However, you should think carefully about which herbs you plant where. After all, parsley, chives, basil, thyme, etc. have different location requirements that must be met if you want to enjoy the herbs for a long time. Do you prefer to place/plant them in a sunny spot, or in partial shade?

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Basil likes it warm and sunny. It needs a lot of water to grow. It also grows very well in pots, on the windowsill or in balcony boxes.

Borage prefers a warm location. It feels comfortable there.

Dill needs a lot of space and should therefore be planted with sufficient distance. It likes it warm and sunny.

Chervil needs moist soil. Its place is in partial shade.

Lovage prefers a sunny, semi-shady place. It is a very undemanding spice herb and is a good bee pasture.

Marjoram (also a good bee plant) likes sunny, wind-protected locations. It needs a nutrient-rich, loose soil.

Oregano is a light sprouter (always press the seed lightly, never cover it with soil). The perennial likes it best in the sun and protected from the wind.

Parsley is not very demanding and grows best in moist soil in semi-shade or even shade.

Chives grow best in their own pot, as they need a lot of space and fresh air. It prefers a half-shaded place and moist soil.

Thyme is also a light sprouter. It needs a dry, nutrient-poor soil and likes warmth and sun.

Lemon balm prefers a sunny, semi-shady place.


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Which herbs go together?

If you want to enjoy herbs, you should follow some rules, which herbs go well together or which should be planted separately. Not all herbs are social plants. Some like to stand alone in the pot or bed and should therefore not be in close proximity to each other, while others get along well with each other.

Which herbs go very well together?

  • Chamomile promotes the growth of dill, chives, marjoram and chervil.
  • Parsley is compatible with strawberries, dill, chives, marjoram and chervil.
  • Rosemary promotes basil, which is very practical because both are not hardy and can be planted side by side, although basil requires more water than rosemary. This should be taken into account when caring for the plants, so the distance should not be too narrow.
  • Thyme is compatible with fennel, coriander, tarragon, borage and savory.
  • Hyssop promotes lavender and savory.
  • Lemon balm can be planted together with any other herbs. It promotes the growth of all other herbs. Caution is only advisable in combination with basil.
  • For example, chives, thyme, rosemary, sage and lemon balm can be planted together in one pot.

Which herbs do not go well together?

  • Basil and balm should be planted separately.
  • Fennel should not be planted next to coriander, marjoram, hyssop.
  • Thyme and marjoram: Both should never be planted next to each other. They do not get along at all (not even in taste). They are often planted together, however, with marjoram usually being the loser and dying.
  • Parsley and chamomile

Which herbs are loners?

  • Lovage is a loner. It grows very wide and quickly takes away light and space from other plants.
  • Lavender should be kept at a sufficient distance from other herbs. It needs space to grow well.

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