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Organic Potatoes Vitabella

Solanum tuberosum


Planting time: April – May

Harvest time: September – October

Planting depth:15 cm

Row spacing: 60 cm

Plant spacing: 40 cm

Content: 10 pieces

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Medium-early potato planting time. In large areas, place the potatoes spade-deep in planting trenches at a distance of 30-40 centimeters. When the first plants appear, immediately cover them with soil until no more night frosts are expected.


With 4 steps to the perfect potato harvest:.

  1. Sprouting the shoots: If you want to harvest potatoes early, you can advance them already from March. To do this, place medium-sized tubers up to half in shallow boxes filled with potting soil and place in a warm place about 15 degrees. After about 2-4 weeks, carefully plant the potatoes about 10 cm deep in the outdoor bed. Advantages: earlier harvest date and higher yield.
  2. Planting: The soil should be prepared before planting as follows: Loosen the soil and draw a furrow about 10 cm deep. The planting distance between two seed potatoes is 30 cm, the row spacing is about 60 cm. With the sprouts upwards, the potatoes are now planted about 5-7 cm under the soil. If you also remove the lower shoots beforehand, this will stimulate root formation. The furrow now fill with soil and water as needed.
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  4. Piling: Piling protects the potato plant from light exposure and green spots. After about 2-3 weeks from all the shoots of the potato has already formed a haulm carefully mound the plants with about 20 cm of soil until the haulm is completely covered. By a regular Anhäufeln (every 2-3 weeks) throughout the growing season, the even yield is increased.
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  6. Harvesting: The potatoes can be harvested when the green is dead. The longer the potatoes remain in the ground, the larger they become.


Tips and tricks:

Storage: Medium-early potatoes can be stored until winter. Store the potato in a dark, cool place.

Note: Never plant potatoes in the same place 2 years.

Fertilizing: Use organic fertilizer (manure). Please be careful with a higher nitrogen content, the green will grow too lush.

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