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Organic Tomatoes Rondobella

Solanum lycopersicum


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large salad tomato with intense aroma

Seeding: late February – April in trays.

Harvest: July – September

Content: enough for about 10 plants

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Rondobella is a large salad tomato with an exceptionally fruity taste and intense tomato aroma. The red, round fruits are relatively firm and therefore ideal for processing in salads and cooked dishes and can be stored accordingly.
The variety has an outstanding tolerance to late blight and medium growth. Tomatoes hang on small shoots with 4-6 fruits.
Rondobella has emerged as the best breeding line from perennial, as well as multi-origin breeding stocks. The variety copes excellently with both high disease pressure (due to high humidity, fog, etc.) and stress due to heat, drought and low nutrient availability.
Its resistance level is comparable to that of Primabella, making it one of the best outdoor tomatoes around at this point in time, with exceptionally good flavor.
The variety is quite vigorous, which is why it can be grown in multiple shoots – this increases the yield of single plants.

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Solanum lycopersicum


february, march, april


july, august, september




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