For summer, different watering rules apply for hot, dry days or periods.

We have a few tips for proper plant care in hot temperatures:

  • On particularly hot days, the plants should be watered in the morning (by 10 a.m. at the latest).
  • The morning is to be preferred to the evening, since otherwise humidity attracts the snails too much and it can also lead to fungal diseases.
  • It is better to water the beds extensively every few days rather than a little every day. If the bedding plants receive water every day, they will become “rotten” and will not develop deep roots.
  • Always water near the root to minimize loss through evaporation!
  • Mulching helps prevent evaporation.
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  • Make sure not to wet the leaves with water, otherwise the drop of water works like a magnifying glass and burns the leaves.
  • Tub plants that are in the blazing sun may even need to be watered in the morning and evening so that they do not suffer from extreme heat. Simply check the potting soil with a finger in the afternoon and water in the evening if it is dry.
  • Rainwater is ideal for watering the garden. Water from the rain barrel is warmer than tap water and therefore more suitable. When watering with cold water, the soil and the plant are cooled down suddenly – a cold shock can occur, which inhibits growth.
  • The lawn mower has a break today! Apart from the fact that it is too strenuous in the heat: short cut lawns yellow even faster in the heat. Longer grass, on the other hand, shades the ground and thus prevents it from drying out too quickly.