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written by Samen Maier on 16. October 2012
in Samen Maier, Shop

Organic is ecological, sustainable and fair. The market for organic food is growing every year and consequently the organic boom is not bypassing organic seeds.

With this customer information organic seed propagators and producers consciously do not want to make advertisement but want to emphasize exclusively the strengths of the organic seed and to pass neutral information on to the consumers.

Strengths of organic seeds (organic seeds of the highest quality)

1.) The origin is the future – 100% transparency

In order to meet the expectations of our organic customers, every organic customer has the right to visit the organic propagator as well as the organic producer in order to get an idea of whether the reality meets his expectations.

All people involved in the process are looking forward to a visit.

2.) Organic certificates alone are not enough

Under no circumstances should quality management and safety standards end with the legal requirements and, according to our organic understanding, do not yet provide product safety.

In accordance with the provisions of the EU organic regulations, we take our duty of care very seriously and, in addition to the statutory process audit or self-monitoring, we have also installed a voluntary product test with regard to possible residues from each batch. The highest personal commitment of the organic seed propagators coupled with the legal requirements and the voluntary product testing by independent laboratories (test method combination method: GC-MS and LC-MS/MS ASU L 00.00-115 QuEChERS*) thus meet the highest quality standards and guarantee our customers security and confidence that our organic seeds more than meet the organic regulations.

Every organic customer has the right to view the test results.

*Wageningen University and Researchcenter June 2012

Internationally recognized test method; measurement inaccuracies caused by pro relationships (sampling) and by sample preparation (homogenization) by authorized test laboratories cannot be completely excluded.

3.) Close cooperation with the organic inspection bodies

The organic seed propagator does not operate under a protective bell but in an environment where impurities are unfortunately omnipresent. Therefore residues in the trace range cannot be excluded 100%, although the organic seed multiplier does not use any chemical-synthetic plant protection agents.

All residues, even those in trace amounts, are immediately reported to the organic control body, which has the consequence that the batch is blocked and the causes are investigated. A release by the organic control board is only given if the detected contamination was accidental and unavoidable.

4.) Assortment consists exclusively of seed resistant varieties

Our biological understanding is based on the assumption that only seedfast varieties are included in the range. Seedfast varieties have the property that offspring with similar yields and comparable characteristics can be bred again in the next generation. The robust seed adapts to a wide variety of locations.

5.) Purity and ability to sprout

All organic seed propagators have set themselves the goal of not only achieving the legal minimum levels of sprouting and purity, but also to exceed them. However, it is also pointed out that the quality parameters vary from harvest to harvest depending on weather conditions and always will.

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