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Gift ideas for Christmas

written by Samen Maier on 11. December 2018
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Are you still looking for a Christmas present for your garden friends? We have some ideas for you!


Whether for tea lovers, for a garden fairy or a rarity box for somebody special, there is a suitable box for everyone. To tie up tomatoes, for example, we have packed some thin cord. In the box, you will also find a wooden stick for each variety of seed, which you can use as a planting label for your seedlings. So that you always know exactly when it is time to let the seeds sprout, we have also included a planting calendar.
You can find an overview of all bed boxes here: Beet boxes


You want to gift something self-made?

How about labels for spices and herbs in containers with stickers? The spice rack can thus be uniformly arranged. Glass jars with glass caps can either be bought at Ikea or maybe you have collected some jam jars at home.

Herbal labels for self printing

FLOWERS AND VEGETABLES for the whole year

On request we can assemble 12 x seeds for a whole year. We mark each variety with the name of the month, so for each month you can see immediately what should be planted. We package it nicely and add a sowing calendar.


11 x price category 2

1 x price category 1

If you are interested please send a mail to: [email protected]

Solar Jar

The SOLAR JAR is a fair and ingenious solar lamp in a preserving jar from South Africa.

SOLAR JAR is not only an innovative light source, but also a social business model. As a genuine fair trade product, SOLAR JAR is handmade in South Africa and employs over 60 previously unqualified people from the townships and promotes their education. The SOLAR JAR was produced as a light source for areas without electricity in Africa. It stores energy during the day, which it then releases again at night in the form of light.

The SOLAR JAR is ideal as a garden lamp, for the romantically laid table, barbecues, camping, decoration, outdoor dining… simply for all outdoor activities where you want to create a cosy, idyllic evening atmosphere after sunset.

A Christmas gift that brings joy to the recipient and does something good at the same time.

To the Solar Jar


The book contains a bag of “lucky seeds” = organic cress, which also grows in a flower pot.

What we sow today will determine our life tomorrow …

… under this motto the little alien called “Oups” sets off again on its way to earth. Together with his friend Tom he is looking for the lost seeds for the happiness of the earthlings.

A heartwarming story by bestselling author Kurt Hörtenhuber, in which young and old can discover many “fertile seeds” for a happy life.
A book with many endearing worldly wisdoms that puts a smile on your face and gives you courage. The refreshingly cheerful drawings by Oups illustrator Günter Bender make this book a very special book for ALL age groups.

Contents: 52 pages with 26 colored cartoons
Format: 17 x 16.2 cm; hardcover

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