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New bed box variants

written by Samen Maier on 3. March 2016
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Often you are looking for a souvenir that is personal and brings a lot of joy to the recipient. And because we love to give presents, we have come up with some great gift ideas.

Just now when the planting season begins, this is an ideal gift for your gardening friends. Depending on the theme, the beet-boxes offer you the perfect combination of organic varieties for growing in your own garden.

You are invited to have coffee with the neighbors?

The Beet Box “Good Neighbours” consists of exquisite organic seeds, where the plants in the vegetable bed complement each other well and like to stand side by side!

  • Tomato “Resi”
  • Carrots “Red Giants
  • Salad “Green from Maria Lankowitz”
  • Cucumber “Tanja”
  • Red beets “Red ball 2

You want to tell a special person how wonderful it is that they exist?

You will find 5 varieties in the rarity box, which are something special for the garden. Litchi tomato, Melothria, Earth cherry, African prickly cucumber and New Zealand spinach are rarities that you will not find in every garden.

  • Melothria (Mexican minifigure)
  • lychee tomato
  • African prickly cucumber
  • Earth cherry
  • New Zealand spinach

You just need a present for a dear friend and it should be something more original?

The box for the garden fairy contains 5 types of flowers, vegetables and herbs that every garden fairy should not miss.

Nasturtium beautifies the garden as well as many dishes, cinnamon basil refines every sweet dish. Andean berries are a perfect candy fruit and also very decorative for desserts. And the “cocktail cucumber” Melothria also invites you to snack; it is a crunchy, refreshing snack for in between. The colorful chard keeps its color even when cooked and looks very decorative on the plate.

I am sure there is something for every occasion and for every person.

To the beet-boxes and their combinations!

fuer Balkonienurlauber
Beet-Box Fuer Teilzeit Italiener
Fuer Teeliebhaber

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