Gardening in February

In February, spring is just around the corner. Now the gardening work can slowly start again. A typical gardening task in February is to loosen up the vegetable beds and prefer the first flowers and vegetables.

It will take quite a while before vegetables can be planted on the balcony, the terrace or outdoors, as frost-sensitive vegetables are not planted in a bed until mid-May. Nevertheless, it is possible to do some preliminary work and get started some vegetable and flower plants on the windowsill starting at the end of February. This way, the plants have a big time advantage later, so that the harvest can take place earlier. As soon as the young plants can then be grown outdoors, they are already quite robust and less susceptible.

On the windowsill, preference should be given to vegetables that require a lot of heat, as they originally come from warmer climates (e.g. tomatoes and peppers). Eggplants, kohlrabi, Asian salads and cauliflower can also be put on the windowsill.

Note: If sowing is started too early, the ratio between temperature and light intensity is very unfavorable for the young seedlings. Even if the radiator warms up, the sun does not yet have enough power to provide the plants with sufficient light. In the greenhouse and hotbed, however, flowers and vegetables can be sown a little earlier because the plants are better exposed and the ratio of light and temperature is easier to control.