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Now the cultivation period begins!

written by Samen Maier on 13. January 2016
in February, Garden year, March

Cultivation starting February/March

Starting February/March you can start pre-growing the vegetable plants in the house. The reward for the effort is an early start to the gardening season with plants that have already grown large and bring early and long yields.


If you start sowing too early, the ratio of temperature and light intensity is very unfavorable for the young seedlings. They form long, thin stems with small leaves – a characteristic of a lack of photosynthetically useful light. Although the seedlings are warmed by the heating system, the sun does not yet have enough power to supply the plants with sufficient light.

The following plants can be sown in pots or bowls: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, kohlrabi, etc. Starting at the end of February you can start sowing cauliflower, tomato and paprika plants in the house. From March on you can start growing cucumbers, pumpkins, kohlrabi, cabbage and salad.

For preparation, think about what is needed! We’ll help a little bit:


  • Seeds
  • many bowls or pots that offer sufficient space and stability (about eight centimeters high and six to eight centimeters in diameter)
  • suitable coasters, so that the water can run off without soiling anything
  • Growing or screened, sandy compost
  • a small planting wood
  • a hand shovel
  • Work gloves

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