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How to set up a wildflower plot

written by Samen Maier on 19. August 2020
in Wildflowers, Gardentips, Bees and beneficials

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Wildblumen Beet
1. Prep plot

Prepare a plot with an area of 2-3 m². To do so, mark out the future outlines of the pot and remove the existing gras with a spade. This process removes the nutrient-rich topsoil. The more convenient option is to dig up the ground with a tiller.

Wildblumen Beet
2. Clean plot

Remove larger stones, roots and plant residue from the plot.

Wildblumen Beet
3. Plot enclosure

A plot enclosure is helpful. Outline the plot with wood or other materials like paving or clinker bricks. This way the lawnmower can’t get too close.

Wildblumen Beet
4. Loosen up the soil

To loosen up the soil add some sand and rake under.

Wildblumen Beet
5. Plot planning

For bed planning, place the wildflower plants individually or in groups. If the bed is at the edge of the garden, it is advisable to place the higher plants at the very back, leaving the lower wildflower plants in the front. If the bed is in the middle of the lawn, place the tall plants in the middle.

Wildblumen Beet
6. Planting

First dip the wildflower plants in water until no large air bubbles rise and then plant them in the bed in the space you prepped.

Wildblumen Beet
7. Scatter seeds

Scatter the seeds of the bee & butterfly meadowgrass package over the entire bed and press them slightly.

Wildblumen Beet
8. Water plants & seeds

Water the plants and seeds well and keep them well moist in the following days.

Wildblumen Beet

Planting recommendation

Back: Hollyhock Mallow, Meadow Sage, Common Columbine, Southern Scabious

Middle: Golden Marguerite, Common Hedgenettle, Ox Eye, Lilac Sage

Front: Carthusian Pink, Clustered Bellflower, Mountain Onion

For a bed in the middle of the lawn, place the tall plants in the middle

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