Bees and beneficials

How to set up a wildflower plot

First a video – known from “Kraut und Rüben”: Prepare a plot with an area […]

Samen Maiers Wild Blossoms for 2-3 m²

Local wild perennials are important for and contribute to the welfare of bumblebees and butterflies […]

Your feel-good garden for beneficial insects

Beneficial insects are the most important helpers in the organic garden. They pollinate fruit trees […]

Wild Flowers – why they belong in every garden

We see our wildflower project, which we were able to implement together with the Ottenberg […]

NEW: Organic wild flowers

We see our wildflower program, which we were able to realize together with the Biobaumschule […]

Best bee food

The work of the collecting bees is not easy: The insects fly to about 3 […]

Beneficial magnet for your garden

Food for the bees Nectar and pollen are the most important food sources for bees. […]