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Beet-Box “For Smoothie-Makers”


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The smoothie-maker box contains the following seeds:
  • kale “Lage Moskrul” (curly leaf)
  • spinach “Nores”
  • lettuce “Ovation”
  • cucumber “Tanja”
  • corn salad “Verte de Cambrai”


We’ve also included basic gardening utensils as well as a planting calendar. Find a product video here: https://youtu.be/9fwMNUf__WA

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The Smoothie-Maker box contains 5 types of vegetables that belong in any green smoothie.

Spinach provides green smoothies with a pleasantly mild aroma. The flavor of spinach is only slightly noticeable however spinach ensures a rich green color in your smoothie. Spinach is, therefore, the ideal ingredient if your aim is to blend vivid green smoothies.

After spinach, corn salad is the most common vegetable used in green smoothies. Very mild taste, barely noticeable.

Kale is excellent for any healthy, vegetable smoothie. Fruit masks the acquired cabbagey taste, and is even suitable for kale adversaries.

Cucumber manage to provide smoothies with a certain freshness and lightness. Cucumbers are also particularly easy to digest, and ideal for smoothie novices.

Lettuce has no taste of its own, enabling the preparation of mild smoothies where the distinct taste of the fruit comes to the forefront.

We’ve included a planting calendar so you always know exactly when it’s time for seeds to germinate. Use the included gardening twine to lay out a plot. Additionally, the Beet-Box includes wooden stakes for each type of seed – use a pencil to label these markers when sowing.



BIO Feldsalat Verte de Cambrai - Valerianella locusta


BIO Kopfsalat Ovation - Lactuca sativa var. capitata






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