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Organic green fertilizer Phacelia (bee-friendly)

Phacelia tanacetifolia


Sow: April – September

broadcast thin and uniform (mix seed with dry sand) and cover slightly with soil.

Volume: ca. 1,5 g/m2

Application: Phacelia is an undemanding natural green fertilizer; medium to heavy soils are preferable. Recommended before planting any types of cabbage; ideal meadow for bees.

Contents: sufficient for ca. 10 m2

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Result: Phacelia is a highly effective green fertilizer. The ground will be covered by greenery in no time, providing shade while suppressing weeds. The delicate, widespread root system causes intensive topsoil penetration, decisively improving the soil’s structure. Pests tend to steer clear of Phacelia. The flowers contain a large amount of nectar and are, therefore, loved by bees. You can either till Phacelia into the soil once it blooms, or let it frost over and then work it into the soil in late autumn or early the following year.


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Phacelia tanacetifolia


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