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Beet-Box “For a good friend”


The “For a good friend” box contains the following seeds:


    • Moldavian dragonhead
    • Garden cress
    • Melothria (Mexican mini-melon)
    • Sunflower Bambino
    • Radish Cherry Belle


We’ve also included basic gardening utensils as well as a planting calendar. Find a product video here: https://youtu.be/9fwMNUf__WA

Is the Beet-Box a gift? – simply provide a seperate delivery address when ordering!

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  • Seedfast ORGANIC seeds and garden products sustainably and fairly produced
  • Packaged environmentally friendly and delivered wrapped in grass paper!
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The “For a good friend” box contains 5 types of flowers and herbs, which your friend will love. All seeds may be planted in pots, so a garden plot is not an absolute necessity.

The Bambino sunflower only grows to a height of 35 cm, so it’s ideal as a potted flower.

The mini-melon is a perfect snack food; add Moldavian dragonhead to refreshments and desserts; garden cress adds flavor to salads, soups, and as a raw topping on buttered bread.

We’ve included a planting calendar so you always know exactly when it’s time for seeds to germinate. Use the included gardening twine to lay out a plot. Additionally, the Beet-Box includes wooden stakes for each type of seed – use a pencil to label these markers when sowing.














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