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Organic AUSTRIA farmer’s garden flower mixture 250 g


250 g ist enough t for approx. 100 sqm

Organic Austria Farmer’s Garden brings blossom into the gardens and food for the insects.

The seeds of this mixture of flowers and herbs are 100% from Organic Austria farmers.

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  • Seedfast ORGANIC seeds and garden products sustainably and fairly produced
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250 g ist enough t for approx. 100 sqm

The colorful mixture consists of annual and perennial flower and herb seeds from Austrian Organic farmers.

In addition, the numerous flowers provide pollen and nectar to bees, bumblebees and butterflies.

The following species are included in the mixture:

Sunflower Bambino, Gypsophila simple white, Safflower thistle, Parsley, Maiden of the Green, Golden poppy, Lemon balm, Mallow Zebrina, Lentils, Lovage, Cress, Cornflower blue, Coriander, Goldenroot, Dill, Bearded carnation simple, Mountain Leek, Large-flowered Royal Candle, Rose Mallow, Southern Scabious, Wild Mallow, Ox-eye, Red Campion, Sage, Thyme.



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