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Organic Meadowgrass for beneficial bugs, 100m2


contents: 250 g

sufficient for ~100 m2

This colorful meadowgrass mix contains annuals as well as perennials, and provides bumblebees and butterflies pollen and nectar throughout the entire season.

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Broadcast the seed on nutrient-lean, unfertilized soil. Remove any plant material from the area including roots, and work the soil with a hoe and rake until it is loose and fine.

If soil is heavy, mix sand in with the soil; then broadcast the seeds. Using a rake, mix seeds with the earth and press lightly with a shovel. Keep the soil moist during germination.

Mow once or twice between July and late autumn.


Many of the flowers bloom the first year, cast their seeds and return the following year.


  • complex, organic nourishment for bees and insects throughout the season
  • The annual varieties bloom shortly after sowing while the perennials ensure the establishment of a long-term, sustainable pasture for beneficial bugs.
  • spread the seed on a loose bed of soil
  • suited for both the garden and flower boxes



hollyhock, marigold, annual aster, safflower, cornflower, garden cosmos, sweet william, baby’s breath, sunflower, love-in-a-mist, bird’s foot, french marigold, zinnia, borage, chrysanthemum greens, cilantro, garden cress, lovage, basil, lemon balm, thyme, seed vetch, phacelia, red clover, white mustard, buckwheat

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